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Email Marketing: Is it worth it?

The question is not should you or shouldn't you send email marketing campaigns, it is how often...

No matter what industry you are in, email marketing is still the most budget-friendly and effective marketing you can do for new and reoccurring clients/customers. Most everyone has an email address and multiple at that. Email marketing allows you to target clients/customers with personalized messages or promotions. The numbers are there... The average ROI on email campaigns is 4400%. The main goal behind a good campaign is not just quick sales to customers or generating leads; it's a tool for generating a return on investment in your marketing efforts. Types of emails... There are many different types of content you can generate. A monthly newsletter to keep people interested in your business. Make announcements or talk about past or upcoming events. A promotional type; Sales, Specials, New Arrivals, etc. Behavioral automations are emails that will auto-respond for you for example if someone contacts you on your website, you can set up automations to respond right back to them "thank you for contacting us, someone from our shop will be in touch shortly". Transactional emails can be invoices, billing, quotes, statements, etc.

How do you begin?

Knowing your audience

is the #1 key to a successful marketing campaign. Segmenting your emails by gender, age, location, keeping those contact interested in what you are sending. If your topic is not relative to some - you will get unsubscribe contacts.

Keep the hype going

Try to send consistent emails. Depending on your industry, there are a certain number of emails you SHOULD be sending. If you have an eCommerce shop the number of emails will vary from a service-based business. You CAN over send emails. Be aware of how often you are sending them or contact MSM Creative, Inc for expert guidance and agency quote.

The greatest part of email marketing

Insights! There is no fudging it. It's black and white - data speaks volumes.

How to gain leads

Capturing your peeps on your website

Adding multiple contact forms to your website. Each form you can make specific to each subject. For example: if you talk about specific services or skus, you can add a contact grabber on that subject and have it separated in folders on your email platform. This will keep each lead organized by interest.

Social media of course

There are 3.196 billion active social media users in the world. Use social media to get email leads by promoting your offer or running some paid posts.

Give a kick-ass offer

The offer, also known as a lead magnet, has to be a solution to a particular problem your prospect lead has. Maybe it's promo (% off, something free, etc). I call it "Get it while it's hot" type of offer that involves signing up for emails.

Professionally created email campaigns make a huge difference. If you are interested in agency designed emails contact Melanie at MSM Creative, Inc.


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