Why hire a Graphic Designer

Some small business and Large ones often cut back on hiring a graphic designer in house or an outside vendor. I have seen a lot of business say "we can do it ourselves". When I hear that I usually giggle a little and know they will be back soon.

You really can't produce proper files and professional files without a good, experienced designer. Graphic Design is a professional field in which people have been highly trained in a number of ways to excel in this computer art. It's not just about knowing the programs (which is a huge part of it) but also knowing the aesthetics of marketing and eye candy.

In my 15+ years experience - I have seen it to many times. Someone within a company learns photoshop and they automatically think they can handle graphic design. I have to burst some bubbles here and say that using photoshop for graphic design is not even correct. There is so much wrong with believing that, its unreal.

Hiring a professional for any job is always best. Cutting corners on marketing projects is a big mistake. Sometimes its better to just drop the entire project than do it incorrectly.

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