Small Business & Boosting Sales, Gaining Customers/Clients

As a designer, marketing expert and small business owner - I have been asked this question over and over..."How do you get clients?" or "How do I get new customers?"

Each business may have their own recipe for a sales approach - but the universal answer is this...Get out there and put on your best personality.

Meaning, people have stopped selling and hide behind their computers and text messaging. If you want someone to remember you - get out there and meet them. At the very least, pick up the phone and make some calls.

No one can sell better than the business owner. If the owner is to busy - then there has to be some kind of reward or compensation for employees to bring in new business.

Creating a contest within your business is a good way to get everyone involved. Offer a weekend trip or a handsome reward for your employees efforts. Don't just give to the "winner" but give to all who worked so hard to grow your business even more!

Door to door is the best way to create business relationships within your community. Leaving print materials behind - you will be surprised how well this works!

Of course being active on social media is helpful but if you really want to get things cookin' you have to get out there! Be the face of your business. Leave the attitude behind. Your most friendly face and be honest! Stay true to yourself and your business will be successful!

Happy Marketing!

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